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Intentional Energy Coaching
and Healing Practice

Providing tools and resources for self-empowerment and clarity

The Age of the Individual

The last few years I’ve noticed a shift in our world. Globally we are slowing moving away from focusing on what is good for all to what is good for me. While on the surface, that sounds selfish, that’s not the way I see it.

I believe we are moving into the age of the individual…a movement where people are beginning to focus on bettering themselves, not to the detriment or in spite of the collective, but rather to the benefit of the world. In other words, how I can I become more ME so that I am contributing to the betterment of the COLLECTIVE?

How do we do that?

By becoming aware of our limiting beliefs, our filters, and what’s holding us back from being the best versions of ourselves. By learning all the tips, tools, tricks and resources to making the changes you need to make to BE that better version of yourself. By giving ourselves grace. By partnering with someone who’s been there and who’s not afraid to provide the tough love and accountability you need to be the person you were meant to be!


Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), Coaching and Assessments

Intentional Energy Coaching and Healing Practice provides EFT, coaching and assessment services to clients either in a group setting or one on one. Customized packages available. Explore our services below:

  • EFT (Tapping) Sessions and Classes

    Offering both 1:1 virtual or in-person sessions, as well as EFT classes for those who want to just learn the basics. Personalized topics available as well (anxiety, self sabotage, limiting beliefs, procrastination, pain management, etc). Great for small groups!

  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment

    What are your skills? What are your strengths? What kind of leader are you? What's holding you back from creating your ideal life?

  • 1:1 Life and Leadership Coaching

    Includes the ELI assessment and debrief, as well as EFT (tapping). Choose between 6 and 12 sessions to use whenever you choose.

  • Soundboard - Laser Coaching Powered by Voxer

    Welcome to Soundboard, your on-call, back pocket coach...available for you on YOUR time! Created to uncover and empower the LEADER within you.

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