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My Story
From lost to empowered

I've been on journey of personal growth and empowerment my entire life. I've always had a passion for understanding things - my thoughts, my feelings, my actions and those of others as well. A perpetual student of life, if you will. I've also had an equally strong desire and passion to share what I learn with others.

I wanted to be a social worker since the 7th grade. I went to college and got my degree with Psychology, then life happened, and I never went any further. I became and wife and a mom and working to support my family became more important than following my dreams. Can you relate?

Several years ago, I reached a pivotal point in my life. I was struggling in my career (which ultimately bled into family life), my health was suffering (culminated in an emergency appendectomy) and in the span of 5 months I attended 5 funerals...2 of them were for children. I decided that life was too short to be miserable any longer.

I wanted to feel joy again.

I found EFT (Tapping) and began practicing it several times a week to help me with my anxiety and gain some clarity on why I was doing the things I was doing (and not doing – like speaking my truth and setting boundaries).

On a whim, I submitted a 90 second video clip to be chosen for a free coaching session with a motivational speaker I admired named Mel Robbins. To my delight, I WON and flew to Boston for a life changing meeting. After chatting for just a couple of hours, I left there with a renewed desire follow my passion for supporting and empowering others.

A few months later I enrolled in iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) to pursue my certification as a life and leadership coach.

In April of 2020, I founded Intentional Energy Coaching, where I now share my journey and empower others to get clarity on theirs. I provide resources, tips and easy to use tools to make massive shifts in short periods of time.

My journey is not over. For as much as I am a teacher, I am also a student. I believe we are all ever evolving. Such is the journey of life.

Won’t you join me?

certified professional life coach in DeWitt, MI

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